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concept and editing: Merike Estna, Indrek Sirkel & Anu Vahtra / 64 pp/ 220 × 285 mm + insert 148 x 210 mm/ edition 400/ offset printing/ soft cover/ in English/ text: Merike Estna/ design: Indrek Sirkel/ photos: Anu Vahtra/ lithography: Marje Eelma/ publisher: Lugemik/ supporters: Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, LHV pank/

The book is comprised of a creative dialogue with the works displayed in the exhibition hall, and contains extensive photo documentation of Merike Estna’s solo exhibition, The Blue Lagoon (curator Kati Ilves), as well as the works and spatial solutions presented at the international painting exhibition I’m a Painting (curators Merike Estna and Kati Ilves), which involved 15 artists. One photo series focuses on the installation and opening of the exhibition and on Merike Estna’s wearable paintings. The book also includes a scan of the Norwegian artist Simon Daniel Tegnanger’s work: papers imbued with plant dyes.

The texts for the book have been written by Gavin Wade, a British curator and an advocate for contemporary painting, the artist-curator Merike Estna and the curator Kati Ilves. In his essay, Gavin Wade poetically discusses the themes of the paintings, by establishing a relationship with the works on exhibit and the oeuvre of the participating artists. In Merike Estna’s fictional text, the two spatially merging exhibitions communicate with each other, by analysing the essential questions related to the exhibition as well as the spatial whole. In her introductory curatorial text, Kati Ilves explains the intellectual aspirations of the exhibitions project and reveals its background. The book was designed by Indrek Sirkel; the photo documentation was provided by Anu Vahtra.

The artists participating in the international painting exhibition I’m a Painting include Frank Ammerlaan, Ei Arakawa, Kerstin Brätsch, James Ferris, Annie Hémond Hotte, Juste Kostikovaite, Kristi Kongi, Kris Lemsalu, Nicolas Party, Katinka Pilscheur, Jon Rafman, Dan Rees, Samara Scott, Simon Daniel Tegnander and Taavi Tulev

Exhibition design: Aet Ader and Mari Hunt (B210) Graphic design: Indrek Sirkel

Supporters: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, and Akzo Nobel Baltics AS – Sadolin

More information: Kati Ilves Curator Kumu Art Museum Weizenbergi 34 / Valge 1 10127 Tallinn tel: 5697 9909 e-mail: kati.ilves@ekm.ee www.kumu.ee




Book 2012 launch at the X Marks the Bökship, London, United Kingdom |01/11

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