Merike Estna (born in Estonia 1980) lives and works in London. She has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in painting and from the Goldsmiths College, University of London, in 2009 with the Master’s degree in art practice.


Date Description
DOMESTICMINDCRAFT, Karen Huber gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
30/01 to 14/03
El Cuarto de los Ojos Sucios, performance, Biquini Wax, Mexico City, Mexico
Estonian Art Academy, Painting Department


Date Description
Corporate Jungle, Temnikova & Kasela gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
04/09 to 31/10
Genialmythcraft, Palermo Galerie, Stuttgart, Germany
21/08 to 21/09
Better become blowing backbeat blanket, Billboard and installation of books, X Marks the Bokship, Matt’s Gallery, London, UK
13/09 to 13/10
Eat my painting please and Jackets/Paintings, 2 Performances, Art Social, curated by Paula López Zambrano, House of Saint Barnabas, London, UK
21/09 to 27/09
Peer Review, group show, Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London, UK
07/10 to 07/11
I'm out of sync, but next time I'll do better I promise, Installation, Cesis Art Festival, Cesis, Latvia
03/06 to 08/08
Estonian Art Academy, Interior Architecture department
public art commission
Public art for Tallinn Technical University Kuressaare College ship construction comperence centre’s testing pool and laboratories building yard, Kuressaare, Estonia


Date Description
Blue Lagoon, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
26/06 to 02/12
So Soft/+ Pure, artist in residence and event at SmallProjects, invited by Tanya Busse, Tromso, Norway
11/02 to 11/03
Installation at Nada, Temnikova & Kasela gallery, Miami Beach, USA
04/12 to 07/12
V/P: Video and Painting in a relationship, curated by Sergey Popov, Solyanka VPA, Moscow, Russia
06/08 to 21/09
Harder, Glorious, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, USA
07/07 to 14/09
I’m a Pianting, international painting exhibition co-curated with Kati Ilves, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
26/06 to 02/11
5 pots sitting on a dream Island, Dream Island is a proposition by Merike Estna and Juste Kostikovaite to use painting as a stage. Tenderbooks, London, UK
KUNO workshop, lead with Kati Ilves, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
public art commission
Public art for Viljandi State High School, Viljandi, Estonia
Konrad Mäe painting prize, Estonia


Date Description
Installation at Nada, Temnikova & Kasela gallery, Miami Beach, USA
05/12 to 08/12
Artist in Residency, Paradise Lodge + group show at the Studio X, Mumbai, India
28/09 to 28/10
Everything that could fit into a suitcase, Installation, Istanbul International, Temnikova & Kasela gallery, Isntabul, Turkey
15/09 to 18/09
Spinach & Banana, solo Exhibition, Winkleman gallery, New York, United States
07/09 to 19/10
Dream Island, Semi Consumable Installation, collaboration with Juste Kostikovaite, RCA Jay Mews Hub, London, United Kingdom
Screening and artist talk, Center for Contemporary Arts, Tallinn, Estonia
visiting professor at Estonian Academy of Arts, Sculpture department, invited by Kirke Kangro


Date Description
Solo project, Vartai gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
From 22/11 to 29/11
Screening, One Night Only Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
Artist in Residency, MaloniojiAIR, Vilnius, Lithuania
Invited by Juste Kostikovaite
From 02/11 to 30/11
Book launch, X Marks the Bökship, London, United Kingdom
Group exhibition, Archaeology and the Future of Estonian Art Scenes,KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
From 19/10 to 30/12
Constructed Scenario: The Third Space, No 4 Wilkes St, E16QF, London, United Kingdom
An Exhibition of new painting, sculpture and installation by Claudia Djabbari, Merike Estna and Annie Hémond Hotte in collaboration with the curators Catherine Borra and Juste Kostikovaite
From 13/09 to 23/09
A big painting and a small painting,Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn, Estonia
From 05/04 to 19/05

Solo Exhibitions

Date Description
2011 Voyeur, Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
From 13/04 to 25/04
2010 Untitled, ArtDepoo gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
From 02/11 - 27/11 2010
2008 "Mirror, mirror on the wall, is it Art or is it Porn?" in collaboration with Maxim Surin, Gallery Frederic Desimpel Brussels, Belgium
From 06/11 - 20/12 2008
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?" Draakoni gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
From 15/09 - 27/09 2008
2007 Plain as pikestaff” Haapsalu city gallery, Haapsalu, Estonia
From 01/08 - 26/08 2007
2006 "Gods zoo is diverse aka War and Peace" collaboration with Maksim Surin, Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
From 28/09 - 09/10 2006
"Hate Yourself with Joy" Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
From 03/03 - 26/03 2006
2005 "The sexiest girl, pussycat, the happiest girl and two loverabbits" Haus gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
From 05/07 - 05/08 2005
Rabbit: "Oh, pretty boys everywhere!", Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
From 17/02 - 21/02 2005
2004 "Jüri and Mari adventures", Vaal gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
From 10/08 - 27/08 2004

Selected Participated Exhibitions

Date Description
2011 Tides of Change, Edition 19 Baltikum, Hangart-7, Salzburg, Austria
Simple stories, Rakvere Exhibitions house, Rakvere, Estonia
Matter of Principal, group show at Art Mûr, Montreal, Canada
Videospread, Screening of video portfolio, 9 plasma screens in Europe station, Paris, France
2010 Girl Power, ArtDepoo gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
Artishok biennale, Tartu Art hause gallery, Tartu, Estonia
Painting in progress, KUMU Art Museum of Estonia
2009 MFA Final show, Goldsmiths College, London, United Kingdom
"group/grope" area 10 project space, London, United Kingdom
"Space Oddity" exhibition of young Baltic artists at Maison Folie Wazemmes, Lille, France
2008 "Elu 69" Rakvere museum, Rakvere, Estonia
"No Borders" Espacio Grupo Forja , Valencia, Spain
"No Borders" The Contemporary Art Center of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Creek
"Boarder Country" Exhibition of Estonian Contemporary art, Guangzhou, China
"Love in 21st Century" ArtDepoo, Tallinn, Estonia
"No Borders" La Centrale Electrique, Brussels, Belgium
"Course of intervention" Kadiköy, Istanbul, Turkey
2007 "Consequences and Proposals" The Biennale of Young Artists, Tallinn, Estonia
Contemporary Art from Estonia” Baltic States, part III, Kalmar, Art Museum, Kalmar, Sweden
"Keha muutmine" ArtDepoo, Tallinn, Estonia
"Tase", KUMU Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia
"Baltic mythologies", Pague biennal, Prague,Czech Republic
"Open Art" Riga, Latvia
"New wave" Tallinna Art Hall, Estonia
"Fresh paint" , Vaal gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2006 "Shoot or shout - no escape" Vilnius, Lithuania
"VI International Festival of Experimental Art and Performance" Manege, Saint Petersburg, Russia
"Flowers of evil" Hobusepea gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
"Nordic Art", Kunst in der Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany
"Naked" Tartu Artists house, Tartu, Estonia
"Beautiful paintings" Aaspere Castle, Estonia
"Kaamos 2006", Hellenurme village, Looga farm, Estonia
2005 "Multiple", Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
Estonian Academy of Art Diploma works exhibitions, Art Museum of Estonia exhibition space, Tallinn, Estonia
"Identities", Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia
2004 "Home sweet home", Art Museum of Estonia exhibition space, Tallinn, Estonia
"Wildlife", Kastellaani house gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
"In one Row", Tartu Art house, Tartu, Estonia
"You ain't seen me, right?" Tallinn XIII Print triennial, Tallinn, Estonia
"Bringing back the Summer", Haapsalu City Gallery, Haapsalu, Estonia
"Nordic Art", Kunst in der Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany
2003 "I have been in New York", Pärnu concert hall, Estonia
"Last Hero", Art Museum of Estonia exhibition space, Tallinn, Estonia